Alcoa Highway Commercial Development Studies


Team 1: Site Study Area is from Mount Vernon Drive to National Fitness Center Site

Alcoa Highway Charrette Report & Vision Plan_Team 1


Team 2: Site Study Area is from the Strip Shopping Center to Ginn Drive

Alcoa Highway Charrette Report & Vision Plan_Team 2


Team 3: Site Study Area is from National Fitness Center site to Ginn Drive

Alcoa Highway Charrette Report & Vision Plan_Team 3


Team 4: Site Study Area is from Ginn Drive to Maloney Road

Alcoa Highway Charrette Report & Vision Plan_Team 4

Summary of Incident on Friday May 24th


Dear Neighbors:

This is a summary of what your Lakemoor Hills Homeowners Association Emergency Response Team leaders have been able to confirm about the Friday May 24 “emergency” incident occurring in our neighborhood. We have been told that the lead officer is still actively working the case. There are reports and statements that may contradict what various witnesses have said and what people have been told.  This is not unusual for reports to do this given many different statements and viewpoints provided to the police during the initial investigation.

The renter (female) of the house (2641 Lynbrulee Drive) was charged with Reckless Endangerment. She stated that she shot a gun at the intruder (male) at the rental address.  The report states that the female renter chased the intruder in her car on Montlake Drive. A resident in the neighborhood witnessed the female shooting out of her car window at the male who was eventually apprehended at 3824 Maloney Road. The male was booked on several charges such as aggravated assault, vandalism, evading arrest, unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm and intent to go armed dangerous felony, theft, and simple possession of a controlled substance.  He is to appear in court on June 6.

As a result of this incident (thankfully no one was hurt) we now recognize the need for a “quick notice alarm” neighborhood system for any emergency or suspicious situation.  We have identified a system which will allow for immediate notices going out to 1) our website e-mail, 2) a text message and 3) a Facebook message and will be working on rolling this out.

We are also beginning negotiations for the best contract pricing on additional cameras at the other two entrances whenever the Alcoa Highway project is completed.

We have also been in touch with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office to establish more details of the investigation.

In the coming weeks, we will advise you of whatever progress is made. In the meantime, your ideas and/or participation will be appreciated. If you see a need to have a community meeting at the church, please e-mail us at and we will set it up.

Lakemoor Hills Homeowners Association Emergency Response Team Security Subgroup

Mike Parker, John Haynes, Bob Proctor

An update from the Traffic Safety Task Force

The site has been updated with resources and documents from the Traffic Safety Task Force. Here is an excerpt from Eric Zeanah earlier this week:

From: Eric Zeanah
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2017 5:39 PM

Just an update from Timberlake. If you drive Timberlake in both directions, you will see at least three home signs families have created. One is very creative out of wood. But what really pleased me is I stopped to visit with Marcia Finfer, who walks her three dogs on Timberlake daily. I asked if she had seen an improvement since we started our efforts and her response was an enthusiastic, “Absolutely!”. Below is the e-mail she sent back in January when I had open discussions with the street before we started. She is now extremely appreciative.

“I have three dogs, as you all know, and have almost been hit twice.  Bernie also was run off the road while walking the mutts.  It has been suggested that I take the dogs to a dog park for their walks so that drivers don’t have to slow down.  Rumble strips will not stop the speed and assumed rights of drivers, and the strips might be quite annoying to neighbors who are close to the road.”

Let’s get the message posted. I am traveling the next two weeks but can be reached by e-mail. There has really been a difference on our street.



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Alcoa Hwy: February 7, 2017

Contract CNQ029 Alcoa Highway SR 115 (US 129)

February 7, 2017 Project Update

The Maloney Road roundabout on the east side of Alcoa Highway (near Sevier Heights Baptist Church) is open to traffic. Traffic can access the roundabout on 3 of 4 legs (the 4th being the leg on the Maloney Road where the bridge over Alcoa Hwy. will be constructed). Traffic was allowed access on Friday, February 3, 2017.

Excavation and fill activities are taking place on both sides of Alcoa Hwy. Trucks can be seen hauling material from cut slopes to fill areas on the east side between Barber Hill Rd. and Mount Vernon Rd. as well as on the west side between the large cut slope and Montlake Dr. Drainage structures are also being installed in these areas as well as near Woodson Drive.