For the Safety of Our Children

Slow Down Sign

L A K E M O O R   H I L L S   R E S I D E N T S

Through research and recent speed studies, results have shown that more than 50% of the drivers traveling along Maloney and Montlake roads drive at least 10 mph or more over the set speed limit and more than 20% drive at a speed over 50 mph. Studies have also shown that some drivers travel at an excess speed of 70 mph, exceeding more than 40 mph over the posted signage! For the safety of our children, it is important that we are both cautious and courteous of pedestrian traffic as residents. In addition, pedestrians and parents also have a responsibility to both be aware of the Tennessee laws regarding pedestrian traffic ( see attached laws). Let’s continue to make Lakemoor Hills a place filled with happiness and create a culture of safety for our community. For when children are at play and adult pedestrians are present, driving slowly and carefully can help to avoid severe tragedies. If we all work together, we can all make a difference.

What we can do:

Set the Pace

Spread the word about the danger created by neighborhood speeding. Setting a pace at or below the speed limit encourages drivers behind you to travel at safe and cautious pace.

Use Yard Signs

In addition to signs currently posted to remind drivers to slow down and be aware of pedestrian traffic, encourage residents to make their own signs that are displayed in their lawns to show that children live and play at your residence.

Utilize Speed Monitor Devices

Studies have shown that utilizing speed monitor devices help to remind drivers of their current speed and encourages them to slow down and drive at or below the set speed limit.

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