Traffic Studies

On Thursday, April 13, 2017 3:06 PM, John Sexton <> wrote:
Hi, Mr. Overman
Please find attached the output of our road tube speed studies in your area. The counts were made March 13-20. Our measure of operating speed is the 85th percentile speed. This is the speed at or below which 85% of vehicles are traveling.
On Montlake Drive near Tall Pine Lane, the operating speed eastbound was observed to be around 41 MPH, and the westbound speed was 49 MPH. On Maloney Road near Bluff Point Drive, the northbound operating speed was about 37 MPH and the southbound speed was nearly 48 MPH. the posted speed limits on both of these roads is 30 MPH, so the operating speeds are well in excess of the posted speed.
You had asked about the possibility of traffic calming (possibly a speed table) on Maloney Road north of Montlake Drive. I noticed in my e-mail to you of March 7 that I had discussed this with our Deputy Director, Jim Snowden, and our consensus was to wait until after we install rumble stripes in this road segment to observe their impact on speeds. We generally call on the rumble stripe contractor after we have a stack of requests in hand, so I expect these can be installed over the next few months.
I also checked with our paving folks, and they confirmed that the subdivision streets would be repaved in the upcoming budget year which begins July 1. That depends on workload, but he expects the paving to be done before winter.
I will meet with Jim Snowden next week and discuss the proposed public-private radar speed feedback signs and get back to you on that matter.
Hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday!
John Sexton, PE
Staff Transportation Engineer
Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works
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