Pinterest Save Button Injection


  1. Installed Pinterest Save Button for Chrome
  2. Logged into WordPress for
  3. Started New Page, began documenting steps in WYSIWYG editor.
    • Alt Text

      Added Caption

  4. Clicked Add Media, selected image to insert into post.
  5. Clicked Text Tab at top of Editor to see if Save Button <span> was present. It was not.
  6. Took Screenshot:
  7. Clicked Add Media, Uploaded Screenshot, Checked Text Tab again. Save <span> not present for screenshot either.
  8. Clicked Publish.
  9. Clicked Preview Changes.
  10. Made list of steps a bulleted list.
  11. Clicked Update
  12. Changed Sidebar Layout
  13. Clicked Update
  14. Added Caption to First Image
  15. Added Alt Text to First Image.
  16. Set Link to Media File
  17. Clicked Update
  18. Concept Plan for Circle Lake Garden

    Inserted another Larger Image.

  19. Viewed Page, Confirmed Pinterest Save Button displays on published page.
  20. Checked Text Tab. No Save <span>.
  21. Results inconclusive – cannot reproduce at this time.
  22. Logged out. Logged in as different user. Text Tab still does not show Save <span>
  23. Set Featured Image.
  24. Clicked Update.


  1. Installed Safari Button.
  2. Opened Post, Clicked Update.
  3. Save <span> is now visible in Text tab
  4. Note: Save button appears over images in Editor:

Safari – Private Window (Incognito)

  1. Opened test page in New Private Window.
  2. Logged-in to WordPress.
  3. Deleted <span>s previously added.
  4. Clicked Update.
  5. Switched to Visual Mode
    1. Note that images in WYSIWYG editor do not have Save button superimposed on them
  6. Clicked [Update] to commit new documentation of issue.
  7. Now Images in WYSIWYG editor display Save Buttons
  8. And the Save <span> is again present int he text editor