A warning about an animal attack and a sighting

I had a call tonight from Julie Stelter who house sits for Mary and Ed Jeffries. On June 4th, she was walking her dog on a leash while the Jeffries dog was in the yard. She just left the house going down Woodmere when another animal (she thought a dog at the time) ran up and attacked her dog (a poodle) going for the head. She kicked the attacker with all her might. The animal turned on her growling. At that moment, the Jeffries’ dog came running over and the attacker left. Today, in the evening, she was walking across Blow Drive to the Childress’s house when she saw the same animal coming out of Shivers’ property. Today she thought it was not a dog but a coyote. The animal was gray, black and brown. Julie asked me to post this as a warning to people with small animals and children in the neighborhood.


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  1. Cindy Brooks

    Thank you for the warning. If this animal has attacked a pet and has been aggressive toward a human animal/ wildlife control should be called.

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