New and Improved Website Under Construction

The LHHA website has been a great tool for sharing information about neighborhood issues and events.  We are working to improve the site and adding some new capabilities.  To do this we are building a new site.

The current website will remain the same and we will migrate to the new one in late summer when it is ready to go live.
We are accumulating information about the history of our peninsula. Any old photos or stories would be appreciated.  We will provide spots to highlight clubs or organizations within the neighborhood also.
If you have suggestions or ideas to incorporate into the new site, please email to
Be on the lookout for my announcement to let you know the new website has gone live.

I think it’s working now…

Back in November I had attempted to set up an autopost to Facebook feature on the site. It turns out there was a bug that was preventing the site from posting to our private group. If I’ve done this correctly – this post will show up on Facebook AND the site.

~Your friendly neighborhood web guy, David

P.S. This IS a test.

Website Updates

Hello, David Couch here (3525 Bluff Point Dr)

As some of you are aware, I’m your new web developer supporting our neighborhood HOA site.  Earlier today, I made some updates to the site addressing one of the issues I’ve heard repeated time and again – the site is inaccessible, hard to use, logging in is confusing, etc.

And as most of you are probably aware any page or post added to the site automatically sends an email to all users registered on the site. Yep – you. Well, when I installed an update earlier today it happily created a bunch of pages. Yep. It did. And yes, as it is supposed to do – the site promptly alerted all of my delightful neighbors about it.

Please accept my sincere apologies for this err on my part and any confusion or alarm it may have caused. It was not a hack. Rest assured the site is more secure now than it was when I became a member just over 2 years ago.

In the coming weeks I will continue to make updates and changes to the site. I’ll do my best to do so without unfortunate incidents like  the notices that went out today. Also please note that one of the things that I aim to change is the way we use the site to communicate. Did you know that every post made to this site has been a blog post? Yep.

So very soon I hope to provide a more productive, intuitive and accessible forum for us to use for our neighborhood wide communications, and our more select ones too. A specific place to request help in finding your lost pet. Others to contain all messages and conversations by our respective committees, groups and community projects.

To date, I have brought the site software current, made it secure (https), and added an e-commerce solution. Did you buy your Pecans yet? So stay tuned, bear with me, and above all let me know your thoughts and concerns regarding this site.

Thank you,

David Couch

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