Alcoa Highway Commercial Development Studies


Team 1: Site Study Area is from Mount Vernon Drive to National Fitness Center Site

Alcoa Highway Charrette Report & Vision Plan_Team 1


Team 2: Site Study Area is from the Strip Shopping Center to Ginn Drive

Alcoa Highway Charrette Report & Vision Plan_Team 2


Team 3: Site Study Area is from National Fitness Center site to Ginn Drive

Alcoa Highway Charrette Report & Vision Plan_Team 3


Team 4: Site Study Area is from Ginn Drive to Maloney Road

Alcoa Highway Charrette Report & Vision Plan_Team 4

New and Improved Website Under Construction

The LHHA website has been a great tool for sharing information about neighborhood issues and events.  We are working to improve the site and adding some new capabilities.  To do this we are building a new site.

The current website will remain the same and we will migrate to the new one in late summer when it is ready to go live.
We are accumulating information about the history of our peninsula. Any old photos or stories would be appreciated.  We will provide spots to highlight clubs or organizations within the neighborhood also.
If you have suggestions or ideas to incorporate into the new site, please email to
Be on the lookout for my announcement to let you know the new website has gone live.

Summary of Incident on Friday May 24th


Dear Neighbors:

This is a summary of what your Lakemoor Hills Homeowners Association Emergency Response Team leaders have been able to confirm about the Friday May 24 “emergency” incident occurring in our neighborhood. We have been told that the lead officer is still actively working the case. There are reports and statements that may contradict what various witnesses have said and what people have been told.  This is not unusual for reports to do this given many different statements and viewpoints provided to the police during the initial investigation.

The renter (female) of the house (2641 Lynbrulee Drive) was charged with Reckless Endangerment. She stated that she shot a gun at the intruder (male) at the rental address.  The report states that the female renter chased the intruder in her car on Montlake Drive. A resident in the neighborhood witnessed the female shooting out of her car window at the male who was eventually apprehended at 3824 Maloney Road. The male was booked on several charges such as aggravated assault, vandalism, evading arrest, unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm and intent to go armed dangerous felony, theft, and simple possession of a controlled substance.  He is to appear in court on June 6.

As a result of this incident (thankfully no one was hurt) we now recognize the need for a “quick notice alarm” neighborhood system for any emergency or suspicious situation.  We have identified a system which will allow for immediate notices going out to 1) our website e-mail, 2) a text message and 3) a Facebook message and will be working on rolling this out.

We are also beginning negotiations for the best contract pricing on additional cameras at the other two entrances whenever the Alcoa Highway project is completed.

We have also been in touch with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office to establish more details of the investigation.

In the coming weeks, we will advise you of whatever progress is made. In the meantime, your ideas and/or participation will be appreciated. If you see a need to have a community meeting at the church, please e-mail us at and we will set it up.

Lakemoor Hills Homeowners Association Emergency Response Team Security Subgroup

Mike Parker, John Haynes, Bob Proctor

Pre-Frances KUB Checklist

Hello neighbors, in preparation for some possible outages due to hurricane Frances, C.L. would like to provide a link for your convenience to the K.U.B. Outage Center.

And more specifically the checklist for preparedness.

Here is an excerpt from the KUB Website:

How You Can Prepare for Storms

Our employees are prepared, and we want our customers to be prepared too. You can be prepared for storms by planning ahead:

  • Keep emergency supplies on hand such as batteries, flashlights, a battery-operated radio, nonperishable food items, bottled water, and a charged cell phone. The Red Cross suggests including a supply of your necessary medications.
  • Keep your KUB account information up-to-date, such as your phone number and e-mail address. A correct phone number will allow you to use the automated system to report your outage and check its status. You can update your contact information by logging into your account and choosing Manage Account. For additional tips, review our Power Outage Reference Guide.
  • Have a plan for what you’d do in the event of a multi-day power outage. This may include getting a hotel room, or staying with friends or family.
  • Have and know how to safely operate a portable generator. Be sure to follow the instructions in your owners manual, as well as these tips:
    • Generators should be installed and inspected by licensed electricians. Improperly installed generators can be a safety hazard to utility workers as well as to homeowners.
    • Never connect the generator to your home’s main wiring circuit. Disconnect your home from the power system before hooking up a generator. If you don’t, electricity may flow backward into the power lines, endangering you, your neighbors, and the linemen who are working to restore power.
    • Locate the generator outside your home. Gasoline-powered generators can produce deadly carbon monoxide.
    • Plug appliances directly into the generator. Use extension cords if necessary, but do not exceed the recommended wattage noted on the generator.

Power Outage


Here’s some news from C.L. Overman regarding the power outage that began around 6pm:


Just traded emails and he is trying to find out the severity of the damage from the downed tree at Tall Pine/Montlake. Will advise.


Not good news from a KUB rep. The tree broke a cross arm so they are having to pull new primary and neutral. Making an estimate of time is just a guess. Could be a while.


Radar sign test phase

LHHA Traffic Safety Task Force
C.L. Overman
(865) 363-2663

Our radar speed sign has been located on Maloney northbound just past the church. The sign is adjacent to the community Christmas tree.

The sign company is going to adjust for [adjusted] the sign for proper operations today or tomorrow [May 23rd or 24th]. We will let it run a couple of days at that location to iron out the kinks.

Lakemoor Hills Presb. Church was helpful to provide the location as we cannot locate it on street right-of-way. Other good neighbors have provided spots for the sign along Montlake both downhill and uphill. We could use a couple more sites along Maloney if any kindly neighbor would like to volunteer a nice open site. The traffic engineer turned down one volunteered Maloney site for being too close to the road. If you would like to volunteer your yard, please give me a call and I’ll drop by to take a look.

Thanks again for your assistance and support.”

Radar Speed Signs Arriving

Image result for traffic sensor tubesLakemoor Hills will again be seeing speed sensor tubes on Maloney Road and Montlake Drive. Once the tubes are placed for a few days and in a continued effort to keep our neighborhood streets safe, the LHHA Traffic Safety Task Force will be locating a radar speed sign at various locations along our two main roads. We are renting the sign for a limited period of time to determine feasibility for long-term use.

Safe Pace 625, Radar Feedback Sign, A/C, White

We will be testing the sign in initial locations starting this week (Wk of May 21) to iron out the kinks. It will simply state the speed limit (30 MPH) and your speed. It will provide a learning experience for us all.

The Knox County traffic engineer will analyze the data once we run the sign for a few weeks to determine the effect of the signs.

We will then have hard data to help us determine whether further use of the signs is warranted.

Dependant on the outcome, we may run another pilot after school starts in the fall.

Please note that the sign is very expensive and that your neighbors and the LHHA is paying for the rental and is responsible for the sign.

Please remember the importance of traffic safety in our neighborhood for all residents. School is out now or soon so more of our kids and grandkids will be home.

Comments, questions, suggestions, etc?

Thanks to all for your cooperation and assistance.

C.L. Overman

A call for camp counselors, and lifeguards

Hello neighbors,

Our son’s school is looking for summer staff please forward this to anyone you know might be interested.
Tell ’em David Couch sent you 😀



Dear Tate’s School Families and Alumni,
We are down to the final stages of assembling one of the most dynamic camp teams of the century, and we need your help to get the word out about a few remaining positions.
We contacted camp families two weeks ago (and some of you may have gotten that email), and now we are reaching out to our school families.
Please forward this email to any friends or contacts that you think might be interested or who can post these job openings.
  • Announce these positions to the college class at your church.
  • Consider putting a message on your Facebook or sending a tweet.
  • Share the info with any clubs or groups to which you belong.
For our final positions, applicants must be at least 18 or older.  Many out of town college students are returning to Knoxville soon.  If you know of any seeking the best summer job in town, please send them our way.
Remaining Positions Include:
  • 2 Lifeguards (must have certification by May 29 and we’ll help pay for the certification)
  • 4 Challenge Course (Tower/Zipline) and Target Sport Instructors (we provide the specialized training for this position).
  • Several full-time camp counselors (30-40 hrs. per week) and part-time counselors to work from 2:30-6:00 PM.
Online applications are available HERE.
Thank you you in advance for our help!
Until the fun begins,
Chris Strevel
Camp Director
(865) 690-9208

An update from the Traffic Safety Task Force

The site has been updated with resources and documents from the Traffic Safety Task Force. Here is an excerpt from Eric Zeanah earlier this week:

From: Eric Zeanah
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2017 5:39 PM

Just an update from Timberlake. If you drive Timberlake in both directions, you will see at least three home signs families have created. One is very creative out of wood. But what really pleased me is I stopped to visit with Marcia Finfer, who walks her three dogs on Timberlake daily. I asked if she had seen an improvement since we started our efforts and her response was an enthusiastic, “Absolutely!”. Below is the e-mail she sent back in January when I had open discussions with the street before we started. She is now extremely appreciative.

“I have three dogs, as you all know, and have almost been hit twice.  Bernie also was run off the road while walking the mutts.  It has been suggested that I take the dogs to a dog park for their walks so that drivers don’t have to slow down.  Rumble strips will not stop the speed and assumed rights of drivers, and the strips might be quite annoying to neighbors who are close to the road.”

Let’s get the message posted. I am traveling the next two weeks but can be reached by e-mail. There has really been a difference on our street.



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