Dues Renewal Underway

Greetings Neighbors

All of you should have received your renewal notice for membership in the Lakemoor Hills Homeowners Association.  You have three options.

1.  You can fill out the enclosed form and mail it back to our Treasurer, Jim Kincaid at 2649 Lynbrulee, Knoxville, TN  37920

2.  You can log onto www.lakemoor.org and renew online.

3.  You can attend the LHHA meeting on September 17 (next Tuesday) at 7 PM and renew.

Shortly after we will be sending the updated membership listing to Waste Connections to ensure that you receive your discount on your next garbage collection bill.

Thank you for supporting our homeowners association and this great neighborhood.

LHHA Dues Renewals in Mail Now

Hello Neighbors,

It’s time to renew your dues to the LHHA for the 2019-2020 year.  I hope you have found your $25 membership fee a good investment!  We have placed the renewals in the mail and they should be landing in your mailbox shortly.  You have the option of renewing here online (www.lakemoor.org) or by mailing in your renewal.

Our next membership meeting will be held at Lake Hills Church at 7 PM on September 17.  We will have updates on Alcoa Hwy construction, landscaping and name changes; new security camera systems; new website and other items of interest.  You cam meet the new neighbors that have moved in and catch up with your friends.

We look forward to seeing you then.

The LHHA Board

Public Review of Design Solutions to Alcoa Hwy Commercial

Friday, July 26 fromt 5 – 6 PM a public presentation of design ideas for the revitalization of the commercial corridor along Alcoa Hwy will occur at the North Campus of Sevier Heights Baptist Church (adjacent to CVS).  Please come and see what might be able to happen in the commercial area right outside our neighborhood.  Light refreshments will be served.  Please come voice your ideas. Invitation.pdf

New and Improved Website Under Construction

The LHHA website has been a great tool for sharing information about neighborhood issues and events.  We are working to improve the site and adding some new capabilities.  To do this we are building a new site.

The current website will remain the same and we will migrate to the new one in late summer when it is ready to go live.
We are accumulating information about the history of our peninsula. Any old photos or stories would be appreciated.  We will provide spots to highlight clubs or organizations within the neighborhood also.
If you have suggestions or ideas to incorporate into the new site, please email to ksp53@me.com.
Be on the lookout for my announcement to let you know the new website has gone live.

Results of Alcoa Hwy Business Survey

Thank all of you that responded to our survey about what businesses that you would like to see in the commercial corridor outside of our neighborhood on Alcoa Hwy.  Here are the compiled results.Input Results - Final
We will be holding a design Charrette on Friday, July 26 and will have design solutions for public review starting at 5 PM at Sevier Heights Baptist Church’s North Campus (adjacent to CVS).  Please come give us you’re feedback.

Shooting Incident on May 24, 2019 – Letter from Property Owners

June 10, 2019

Lakemoor Hills HOA

Emergency Response Team Security Subgroup


RE:                         Meeting  regarding shooting incident at 2641 Lynbrulee Lane, Knoxville, TN on May 24, 2019

Present:                Mike Parker, John Haynes, Buz Copeland

Homeowners:     Aaron Maness & Angela James Maness

Greetings to the Lakemoor  Hills HOA!

At the request of the above mentioned representatives of the Lakemoor Hills Security team my husband and I want to address the recent incident at our home, but first we want to let you know that you are represented well by your security team. We are pleased at the way these gentlemen have interacted with us from the very start with John Haynes being the initiator and the contact person for us. We are also pleased at the way they have communicated to the association members, relevant and more accurate information regarding the incident. As you can imagine there was and to some degree probably still is a lot of misinformation, so let us give you facts as we know them and let us also state that our position on this matter is that we are still waiting on the conclusion of the active investigation.

We are actively engaged in this matter on EVERY level because we love the neighborhood and have plans to return there, so the reputation of the neighborhood is of the utmost importance to us. We will not tolerate the sale of any illicit products or activity at our home and will not allow the occupancy of anyone engaged in such behavior for obvious reasons and most notably because of the unwanted element it would draw to the neighborhood.  With that being said, let us say that we do not believe that drugs are being sold in or through any outlet connected to the house.

The house is leased through Tenant’s Choice to an engaged couple with a child, not a single individual. As the initial purchaser of the home I have been pleased with their screening process over the years and have not had reason to question their process of background checks.  The young couple comes from large families and are embarking on building a new life together. She is a nurse. He is a student and entrepreneur with a Food Truck. These businesses are one of the fastest growing industries and generate a large amount of revenue. Cities all over the country are embracing these businesses as excellent sources of tax revenue to the city’s bottom line and revenue stream.  Based on what I know personally about this industry I know that the criminally minded might see the operator as a robbery opportunity. We believe this to be the case.

The intruder did not expect anyone to be at the house on one of their busiest selling days. Opportunity.  The male monitoring his home from the food truck saw suspicious activity when his alarm went off. HE was the first to call the police. After watching his videos and listening to police conversation I believe they came with a preconceived theory of what was taking place. Based on arbitrary statements made, but not evidence supported, they began their investigation. We are happy that the response of the police was overwhelming and that this situation has gained the level of investigation that it has. It sends a strong message to criminals and to the neighborhood; that criminals are not welcomed and action will be taken.

It is in the interest of everyone involved to engage in careful communication. Some information I have heard and received are pure fabrications; other communication is worded to be intentionally misleading, causing unnecessary apprehension and fear. This hurts us all. It devalues the neighborhood and potential property values.

My husband and I will continue to work with the HOA’s outstanding security team, legal representation, the tenants and the police to insure the best outcome for us all. While we do not support the total response of the female to the burglary attempt, we do support the couple’s right to life, home and property protection. Would we have handled it differently? Probably yes, but it is hard to know. I am not a millennial. I am older and wiser and not in imminent fear of my life or the life of my baby.

Let’s all wait for the final factual report and if you can, please support them until you know you have a reason not to.


Original Sent by:

Angela James Maness on behalf of

Aaron & Angela Maness: Property Owners


Design Workshop for Commercial Corridor on Alcoa Hwy.

On Wednesday, June 12 the EAST TENNESSEE COMMUNITY DESIGN CENTER will send out our survey to all Lakemoor Hills residents asking for their input for businesses and services that they would like to see included into the redevelopment of the commercial corridor along Alcoa Highway.
The survey will take less that 5 minutes to complete and will be used to inform the design teams that will be working at the Design Charrette on July 26 what residents will prefer to see at that location.
Gene Burr is our contact for anyone that would like to participate in the charrette, but space is very limited.  Everyone is invited to view the outcomes from the design charrette starting at 5 PM at the North Campus of Sevier Heights Baptist Church.
I encourage everyone to voice their ideas so we can get the best ideas before the design teams on July 26.

Blalock Petitioning City to Annex Lynbrulee Property

FOR YOUR INFORMATION – Request to the city to annex property on Lynbrulee in Lakemoor Hills. B S & J Enterprises is affiliated with Blalock Construction.
The owners of the three properties to be annexed requested to be inside the city, and all three have adjacent properties already inside the city limits.
In South Knox County, B S & J Enterprises is seeking annexation for property at the corner of Montlake Drive and Lynbrulee Lane. The company owns adjacent property that fronts Alcoa Highway.
In West Knox County between Rocky Hill and Lakeshore Park, the Sisters of Mercy have asked that their convent be annexed. A portion of the property fronting Northshore Drive is in the city, but the bulk of the land is outside. Sister Anna Marie McGuan wrote to the city that the sisters are concerned about fire and police protection, as well as building permits and other bureaucratic matters. (As a tax-exempt religious institution, the convent doesn’t have to worry about paying city property taxes.)
Farther west on Cogdill Drive, the Epperly Family Partnership is requesting annexation for a commercial parcel near Interstate 40. Like the other annexation applicants, the partnership owns an adjacent parcel that is already inside the city limits.
A public hearing to discuss the plans of service and the annexations will occur at 11:30 a.m. on June 12 in the Small Assembly Room of the City County Building. If approved, the annexation resolution will be heard at City Council on June 18 and July 2.

LHHA Meeting starts with a reception at 6:45 on Tuesday, April 16

REMINDER! Tuesday, April 16 at 6:45 PM we will start our LHHA Membership meeting with a reception honoring Charlie Mulligan at Lake Hills Church.

Charlie was instrumental in restarting our homeowners association, setting up the Resource Council , the 501(c)3, and working with TDOT to ensure that our neighbors would have access to BOTH sides of Alcoa Hwy, whether in auto, on foot or on bicycle.

Come join us for a reception with exceptional tasty treats from a special caterer – David Ferguson – and stay to hear the latest that is happening on the Quiet Side of the River.  Councilman Carson Dailey will be in attendance and we will hold our annual elections.

Do Not Respond to GoFundMe Scam

Some of you may have received an email that appeared to come through our Lakemoor Hills list serve with the plea asking you to provide money to a child that needs help through a Go Fund Me fund. This is the second time that that particular scam has hit our website and was distributed. Do not respond to the fund request that says Ronnie Recovery Fund.

We are working to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.


Kathy Proctor