Alcoa Hwy construction zone–patrol needed; restore sign

After reading of the dangerous close-call at the Montlake Drive intersection involving an obviously speeding car, I posted the following to the general LHAA listserv. Perhaps it can be addressed at this evening’s meeting.
We neighbors need to make a couple of inquiring phone calls:
–First: to ask TDOT to restore the flashing sign for SOUTHBOUND drivers: “SPEED LIMIT 40 — STRICTLY ENFORCED BY RADAR.” Northbound drivers still see that flashing sign just before Maloney Road, but the southbound sign (just past the Naval Station) disappeared a while back.
–Second, to petition KPD to regularly patrol the work zone and cite drivers going obviously faster than 40mph.

During the first weeks of construction enforcement was good, and most drivers stayed fairly close to 40. Now–with the most obvious speed-limit-sign taken away, and lax enforcement–most drivers feel free to ignore the 40mph limit.

The more of us call, the more likely positive results.
Charles Craven
3605 Montlake Drive

Alcoa Hwy: November 28, 2017

Contract CNQ029 Alcoa Highway SR 115 (US 129)

November 28, 2017 Project Update

Crews continue to work on Collector Road #1 at Maloney Road (west). Maloney Rd. detours using Ginn Dr. to access Alcoa Hwy will remain in place until the collector is complete. The contractor is working to try to get the collector complete to the stage where traffic can use it to access Alcoa Hwy. Hopefully weather will allow this to be done before the new year.

Wall #8 construction is ongoing. Many of the smaller retaining walls on the south end of the project are complete. Wall crews will head north to begin work on Wall #9. Wall #9 is located on the west side of Alcoa Hwy between the end of the project and Montlake Dr. In order to do this work, southbound traffic will need to be shifted toward the center of Alcoa Hwy to allow room to work. During this shift, the southbound left turn lane to Woodson Dr. will be removed. Motorist will be allowed right turns from Woodson to NB Alcoa Hwy only. Motorist should prepare to detour using John Sevier Hwy & Maryville Pike. Traffic is expected to remain in this condition thru March 2018.

The Traffic Alert regarding the traffic shift will be shared with the media today.

Alcoa Hwy: September 11, 2017

Contract CNQ029 Alcoa Highway SR 115 (US 129)

September 11, 2017 Project Update

The above photo is from the cut area above Wall #8. From this view you can see the cuts near Barber Hill and the fills at Mt. Vernon. Vegetation is starting to grow in these areas as well as above the wall. You can also see from this photo the crews working on the wall. At this time the wall is the critical activity of the project. Crews are continuing to work on other construction activities along the route as well, including storm drain installation and utility relocations. Crews will also start working on Collector Road #1 at Maloney Road beginning Monday, September 11, 2017. Motorist should expect to see detours to Ginn Dr.


Below are a close-ups of the Wall #8 construction.


Membership Meeting Sept. 19 at 7 PM – Alcoa Hwy Landscape Proposals

The September meeting of the LHHA will be held at Lake Hills Church at 7 PM on September 19.  Leslie Fawaz, from East Tennessee Community Design Center (ETCDC) will present the work her team has been doing on our behalf this summer.  The drawings that are attached to this announcement are proposals for the intersections with Alcoa Hwy at Montlake, Mount Vernon (Martha Washington Heights) and Maloney.   These proposals include landscaped round a bouts and different types of landscape treatments for areas adjacent to the three bridges.   Come to the meeting to learn more about these ambitious ideas.

Alcoa Hwy: May 31, 2017

Contract CNQ029 Alcoa Highway SR 115 (US 129)

May 31, 2017 Project Update

Grading and fill operations are going well. Material from the large cut on the west side of Alcoa Hwy where Wall #8 is located is being hauled to the low area south of Montlake Dr. from Alcoa Hwy to Lynbrulee Ln. The photo below shows the haul road and benches in that cut. On the east side of Alcoa Hwy you can see the cut near Barber Hill Ln. Storm drain and utility relocations are also being installed and are on schedule.

Below you can see the view from Montlake Dr. looking south across the fill area where Ramp A will be constructed, connecting Montlake Dr. to Collector 3.

Alcoa Hwy: February 7, 2017

Contract CNQ029 Alcoa Highway SR 115 (US 129)

February 7, 2017 Project Update

The Maloney Road roundabout on the east side of Alcoa Highway (near Sevier Heights Baptist Church) is open to traffic. Traffic can access the roundabout on 3 of 4 legs (the 4th being the leg on the Maloney Road where the bridge over Alcoa Hwy. will be constructed). Traffic was allowed access on Friday, February 3, 2017.

Excavation and fill activities are taking place on both sides of Alcoa Hwy. Trucks can be seen hauling material from cut slopes to fill areas on the east side between Barber Hill Rd. and Mount Vernon Rd. as well as on the west side between the large cut slope and Montlake Dr. Drainage structures are also being installed in these areas as well as near Woodson Drive.

Alcoa Hwy: December 20, 2016

Charles Blalock & Sons, and their subcontractor Rogers Group is preparing to place asphalt base for the Maloney Road collector (roundabout). Once guardrail, asphalt pavement and pavement markings are installed, traffic will be turned onto the new section of roadway. This should allow for traffic to access Maloney Road and the adjacent properties without using the temporary runaround (see photo below).

Preparing to place asphalt base for the Maloney Road Roundabout..

Crews will be excavating for Wall #8 on the west side of Alcoa Hwy soon. In preparation for this work and subsequent fill activities on the opposite side of Alcoa near Mount Vernon, the contractor has excavated the grassy median section and placed stone fill. Trucks will be crossing Alcoa Hwy at this location (see below).

The contractor has excavated the grassy median section and placed stone fill. Trucks will be crossing Alcoa Hwy at this location

Lakemoor Hills Homeowners Meeting, Tuesday, November 15




  • KUB’S new liaison with LHHA will provide an overview of KUB improvements to the neighborhood. There will be a presentation of Plan and Contract information regarding the Lakemoor Drive waterline replacement project. A KUB engineering staff member will be present. KUB reps will provide a quick overview of winter storm impacts, response and coordination with LHHA. Questions and Answers to follow.

UPDATE ON WEBSITE/FACEBOOK:                      Kathy Proctor

  • Members of the Board will be present before and after the meeting with laptops to instruct and assist anyone having difficulty accessing the LHHA Website or Facebook

ALCOA HIGHWAY UPDATE:                                     Gene Burr

BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTEE:                            Jim Gray




Please make every effort to attend. Everyone is welcomed and needed.