HOA Member Dues & Renewal

Dear Lakemoor Hills neighbors,

It is time once again for our annual membership drive for the Lakemoor Hills Homeowner’s Association.  Your membership dues and participation are vital to the many benefits that our association brings to the neighborhood.  Here are some examples of how your homeowners association benefits you.

  • The association has an ongoing relationship with Waste Connections Inc., which provides you a 50% reduction in waste & recycle removal rates for LHHA members only.
  • We will begin implementation of the Landscape Plan to upgrade the scenery at the intersections of Alcoa Highway and our entry roads in 2020 at the completion of the construction project though our active participation in the Alcoa Highway Beautification Council.
  • Lakemoor Legacy Park and Gardens (formerly Circle Lake Park) has become a gathering place for neighbors to fellowship the 3rd Friday of each month after close of the workweek.
  • We have excellent social events like our annual picnic in May, Christmas tree decorating, beautification projects, Neighborhood Cleanup Day in March, Beautification Awards and the Sip & Snoop each fall.
  • The Lakemoor Hills Emergency Response Team has been called on to remove downed trees and assist in other needs within the neighborhood. The 20-member team is on alert during any weather emergency.
  • Our Safety Committee is implementing the state of the art camera system in conjunction with the Knox County Sheriff’s Department that will guard the entries to our neighborhood.
  • We helped start the Lakemoor Hills Resource Council (LHRC), a non-profit 501c3 corporation that works to beautify and enhance our neighborhood through tax-deductible contributions and grant requests.
  • We have engaging presentations on current issues at each homeowners meeting.

To continue efforts like these we need your dues payment of only $25.00 per household.

Please also consider making a separate tax-deductible contribution to LHRC.  Both checks may be mailed in the enclosed envelope and need to be received by our next membership meeting on September 17 so you can continue to receive or begin to receive these benefits.


Thank you for your continued participation in making our neighborhood great!


Your Lakemoor Hills Homeowners Association Board


If writing a check, please make it out to LHHA, and mail it to:

Lakemoor Hills HOA
c/o Jim Kincaid, Treasurer
2649 Lynbrulee Ln.
Knoxville, TN 37920