Alcoa Hwy: November 28, 2017

Contract CNQ029 Alcoa Highway SR 115 (US 129)

November 28, 2017 Project Update

Crews continue to work on Collector Road #1 at Maloney Road (west). Maloney Rd. detours using Ginn Dr. to access Alcoa Hwy will remain in place until the collector is complete. The contractor is working to try to get the collector complete to the stage where traffic can use it to access Alcoa Hwy. Hopefully weather will allow this to be done before the new year.

Wall #8 construction is ongoing. Many of the smaller retaining walls on the south end of the project are complete. Wall crews will head north to begin work on Wall #9. Wall #9 is located on the west side of Alcoa Hwy between the end of the project and Montlake Dr. In order to do this work, southbound traffic will need to be shifted toward the center of Alcoa Hwy to allow room to work. During this shift, the southbound left turn lane to Woodson Dr. will be removed. Motorist will be allowed right turns from Woodson to NB Alcoa Hwy only. Motorist should prepare to detour using John Sevier Hwy & Maryville Pike. Traffic is expected to remain in this condition thru March 2018.

The Traffic Alert regarding the traffic shift will be shared with the media today.

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