Another motorhome incident

From Ed Jeffries:

Someone driving a large motorhome (perhaps Coachman) hit the side of our Burgundy Chevrolet Suburban this morning, Sunday, about noon. Our Suburban was headed toward the Church from Blow drive and the motor home was headed toward Blow Drive from the Church. Because of traffic my wife was unable to back up to get information from the driver of the motor home. If anyone has information about the owner of the motorhome I would appreciate hearing about it. From past experience I know that repair of these mirrors is expensive but is necessary for safety. I can be contacted at 865-679-6686 or 865-300-4890 or email


Ed Jeffries
2115 Woodmere Lane


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  1. Holly Jenkins Child

    I was headed home and stopped to speak to your wife right after incident. On my way home, I noticed that the motor home had turned into a driveway on Blow. I’m thinking it was the 4th house on the right after you turn on Blow but will double check that tomorrow and let you know for sure.

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