April 12 Homeowner’s Meeting Agenda – Lake Hills Church – 7 pM

“The Quiet Side of the River”
April 12, 2016 – 7 PM   Lake Hills Church
1.   Welcome:  Dick Graf, LHHA President
2.   Minutes:   Barbara Houchin, Secretary
3.   Treasurer’s Report:  Tom Ingram
4.   Welcoming Committee:  Geri Mulligan
5.   Guest Speaker:  Debbie Ailey, KUB Water Supply
6.   Nominating Committee Report;  Charlie Mulligan
7.   Lakemoor Hills Helpers:  Bob Proctor
8.  New Business:
  • Beautification Committee:  Sharon Gerkin
  • Tennis Court Resurfacing:  Diane DeRopp
  • Neighborhood Picnic:  Diane DeRopp  (May 21)
  • Social Media Sites:  Randy Kerns
  • Dogwood Trail Update:  Pat Shivers

9.  Next meeting – May 17, 7 PM

2 Replies to “April 12 Homeowner’s Meeting Agenda – Lake Hills Church – 7 pM”

  1. Ted Smith

    I thought there was also going to be “a presentation on the impact of the road construction at Alcoa Highway, which is to start within a few weeks.”

    Is that postponed to a future meeting? Thanks.

    • Charles Mulligan

      Ted and all,

      We’ve called three different officials of TDOT asking for a conversation with LHHA homeowners on this. They are planning a bigger more formal presentation first perhaps at Sevier Heights, but have not been successful in planning this with Blalock, the company that is doing the work. Current date they hope for is April 26th. We will continue to pursue and hope to have that conversation. They did tell us that they would give us early notice of anything that would impact our flow of traffic. We will continue to follow up.


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