AT&T “scam”

AT&T is installing “high” speed internet in Lakemoor Hills.  And we just had one of their salespeople visit our house.  He offered 25Mbps internet for a better price than Comcast, so we signed up.

When the installer came, we were told that there was no way we were getting 25Mbps, but maybe 8 or 10Mbps since we’re too far from the distribution panel at the church on Montlake and Maloney.

So, we canceled the installation.


I know it is a lot to expect the salesperson to have any technical information, but I consider this a scam, YMMV.

/alan Guenther 2308 Carriage Ln

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  1. David L. Wiles

    Probably a disconnect between the salesperson and reality. I got Uverse installed yesterday and the installer said I was one of the lucky ones on the street to get a connection (corner of Lakemoor and Carriage). He said something about those down the street not able to get a line. We’ll see how much better it is, but I’m paying over $100/mo less than Comcast, and so far the internet is a bit faster.

  2. Tom Finger

    We’re on the west end of Blow Drive and the old copper telephone lines AT&T uses aren’t the greatest for internet. We’ll not on contract so I’ll check on Comcast. Only issue with Comcast is their absolutely HORRIBLE customer service.

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