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Dear Neighbors-

Hopefully, most everyone in the neighborhood is aware of the cell tower issue, even though not all interested could come to our Tuesday meeting. A cell tower company wants to install a 190 foot cell tower on property leased from 3509 Blow Drive. Their first and only antenna company renting space is T Mobile.

As mentioned at the meeting, there is a small working group – Dick Graf, Charlie Mulligan, Gene Burr and John Haynes – who have begun to develop the best defensive plan possible. The plan to fight against the cell tower in our neighborhood was a firm decision made by our LHHA Board.

If there are neighbors amongst you who would be in favor of the cell tower, we would like to hear from you. If we win and get the cell tower company to move to another site, it is highly likely that whatever additional cell signal coverage this T-Mobile tower provides would also be enhanced with the new site.

We are finalizing the meeting minutes and will distribute those with as much detail about this issue as possible. This should give all neighbors the most recent information we have.

In addition to the minutes, we are working toward the best strategy of fighting the tower, which will involve all of you, if you wish to participate. More on that to follow in coming days/weeks. We do have additional time to organize, now that the cell tower company has postponed the hearing before MPC to July.

We are working with Jim Bletner of Sequoyah Hills and with John King, a neighbor and attorney very familiar with cell tower issues.

We hope you will help us with your time and, possibly, money to hire needed telecommunications engineering consultants.

Best regards,
LHHA Cell Tower Committee

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