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Security Committee
Is responsible for planning any project or ask which increases neighborhood security including surveillance cameras, Neighborhood Watch activities and security forums.

Executive Committee
Is made up of the neighborhood elected Officers and Board Members, in compliance with the neighborhood  bylaws.  The Committee meets as often as necessary to further the goals of our committees and the Association as an entity.

Communication Committee
Is charged with enhancing the communication within our community and with presenting the best face of the community through our website.

Beautification Committee
The Beautification Committee endeavors to raise the awareness of issues and concerns within our neighborhood that directly impact the beauty of Lakemoor Hills.  This is done through projects such as the Neighborhood Cleanup Day and support of neighborhood Dogwood Arts Festival trails.

Social Committee
The Social Committee plans events and activities that provide fellowship and build community between members of the neighborhood such as the annual Lakemoor Hills picnic held on the Lake Hills Church property.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee is appointed to recruit potential new board members and officers; develop a slate of nominees; and present to the membership for approval annually.

Welcoming Committee
Offers welcome packets to new residents in the neighborhood and serves as a resource for newcomers.


Focus Groups

Alcoa Highway Group
Is charged with lobbying any and all of our state and local representatives and agencies which might effect a safer Alcoa Highway for our neighbors.

KUB Group
Is charged with improving the performance of and to better the communication with KUB, our primary utility provider.

Greenway Group
The Greenway Community provides a liaison between the City of Knoxville and Knox County greenway development and the Lakemoor Hills neighborhood and helps plan where the greenway within our boundary will be located.  It also investigates the development of an inter-neighborhood greenway network.

Committee Contact List

2017-18 Committee Contact List