The Greenway Community provides a liaison between the City of Knoxville and Knox County greenway development and the Lakemoor Hills neighborhood and helps plan where the greenway within our boundary will be located.  It also investigates the development of an inter-neighborhood greenway network.

This committee encourages walking in our beautiful neighborhood, including identifying and maintaining private and public right-of-way and off-road footpaths. Making the main public roads in our neighborhood safe for walking, running and biking is also an important concern.

Members also keep abreast of planning and progress on City and County greenway links into and out of the neighborhood.



In 2019 Knox County had issued a Request for Proposals for construction of the extension of the greenway from Maloney Road Park to I.C. King Park.  TDOT will complete construction of the greenway in conjunction with the expansion of Alcoa Hwy from Woodson Dr. to the back of CVS.  Future plans include a connection from this termination to Maloney Rd. Park.

On January 7, 2014, the Knoxville City Council voted on the winning contract for the Knox/Blount Greenway chunk beginning from the Buck Karnes bridge underpass along the Cherokee Farm river edge and ending at the Marine Park. Some of the relevant documents can be found here.

Projected for construction in Spring 2014 is a 2-mile link on our north side from Cherokee Farm to Marine Park (see above); another close link on the south side in the final planning stages will come through the UT Ag Experimentation Station/ETREC Plant Sciences Farm to Maloney Park.

This week (January 27, 2014), Theresa Peppin and Kathy are meeting with the Greenway Committee to discuss possible routes through the neighborhood.


The following documents are resources that the Greenway Group is using to help grow the walking paths and greenways in our neighborhood.

Knox Blount Greenway – Jan 7 2014 Agenda

Knox Blount Greenway Map (Ariel View)

Knox Blount Greenway – All Phases Construction Map

Knoxville Regional Greenway Master Plan

For Inspiration:

Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization’s “Citizens Guide to Promoting Bicycle- and Pedestrian-Friendly Communities

Halifax North West Trails Association Maps

Sheridan Parks & Recreation Community Plan

Shifting Suburbs – Urban Land Institute

TED Talk by Jeff Speck on “The Walkable City”