Coyote alert! Another cat killed!

It is with great sadness that we inform you that our cat, Abby, was killed last night and we suspect that a coyote got her.  We live at 4126 Maloney Road and lost our cat, Morris, a year ago to the same fate.  Both cats were allowed inside/outside, and being prone to explore at night were vulnerable to attacks.  We would suggest to those of you who have cats to keep them in at night.  We will certainly be more cautious with our remaining cat, Smoky.

2 Replies to “Coyote alert! Another cat killed!”

  1. Barbara Houchin

    From Bob Porter:
    I have seen two red foxes on Bluff Point Drive near Maloney. Both appeared full grown—they may be the culprits.

    Bob Porter

  2. Barbara Houchin

    From Richard Gillespie:
    My cat has been missing for at least 10 days. My neighbor has seen a large fox which I auaspect is a coyote,moot a fox. I have not heard him yodeling and hope he cannot get to my old dog.
    Richard Gillespie
    2117 Manor road

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