Duke the African Grey

Our 7 year old feathered child Duke is still missing. He is grey with a very light grey head, a black hooked beak and very bright red tail slated tail feathers. He’s about the size of a large dove. He whistles Amazing Grace and loves to yell my name, “Hey, Marianne.” He also says, Hello, Pilgrim” a lot. He speaks in a man’s voice and has a very huge vocabulary and speaks in long sentences so you may hear almost anything from the trees if he is there. Thank you for continuing to keep your ears and eyes open. We have a very sad and empty house right now. As much as we loved him, one would think he would have loved us enough not to leave home to search for a spring bride. Silly boy. Thanks again. Odgie and Marianne Oliveira

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  1. Marianne Oliveira Post author

    Julie, thank you for checking and for caring. Our feather child Duke has not been found and I have had no confirmed sightings. A sweet neighbor on Circle Lake Dr. lost her Grey to a hawk the week before Duke flew. We fear Duke may have met the same fate. We are heartbroken. Duke was so gregarious, speaks beautiful Portuglish (his human dad is Brazilian and has that accent). His vocabulary is huge and he was about to announce his candidacy for president. Duke is a moderate conservative and was disillusioned with the political scene–LOL. I’m so glad I got a recording of it. The day before he left, he actually asked me, “Hey, Marianne, would you like me to pour you a glass of red wine?” He was a light in our lives. I like to think he is out there making some family as happy as he did ours.

  2. Julie Guenther

    Does the lack of update here indicate that Duke has not yet been found?
    Very sad that he got away.
    I spent many years breeding, raising and training most of the exotic birds, but African Grays were among my favorite babies. If he’d come around our house I would not only have seen him but would’ve had him perched on my hand to deliver to you.

    ~julie guenther

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