Dumping Increasing at Entry to Lakemoor Hills

Entering the subdivision yesterday I noticed that there was a large amount of debris adjacent to the parking area just west of the triangle at Alcoa Hwy.  The more I thought about it the madder I got so today I went by to see if the bags of trash included identification that could tie it back to the owner.  I took these photos when I realized the extent of the debris – bags of trash, a blue plastic tub and many, many quart beer bottles.  When I peered into the blue tub, there was an animal leg (with hoof), and the bag closest to the tub seems to be filled with more decaying animal parts – perhaps deer (?).   I cannot believe that anyone who actually lives within our neighborhood would do this and I ask all of you to be vigilant to speak out to anyone that you see contributing to this disgrace.  Does anyone know if the city or county will help remove these animal parts as it certainly may be a health issue?IMG_2467 IMG_2471

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  1. Charles Craven

    Thanks to our neighbor Kathy Proctor for this report.
    I have wondered about the variety of different cars I’ve seen at that Montlake entrance pull-off. Some are legitimate: utility trucks, lost drivers turning around, and perhaps visitors to the houses across the road with limited, steep driveways. I’ve paused there myself to take a cell call.

    But I’ve been wondering about the substantial number of other vehicles marking time there–many different cars, pickups, etc. This report and these pictures raise concern even more. It is becoming a dumping ground, and perhaps also a rendezvous point.
    In any case, we need to be vigilant and ask authorities to check anything suspicious.
    Can the entrance cameras record the cars that stop here?
    Charles Craven
    3605 Montlake Drive

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