Happy New Year & Stay Safe!

Greetings neighbors.  I hope you are bundled up warm in your homes or somewhere warm.  I wanted to wish all of you in Lakemoor Hills a very Happy New Year.  And we can stay happy if we take simple precautions.  I was informed today that one of our neighbors on Maloney Rd. has experienced a break-in and was burglarized. (between De. 15 & 22)   The house had no security system, no lights, no autos visible and was an easy target.  Please take care when you plan to be away from home.  Set your security system.  Tell your neighbors when you will return.  Leave on lights to make the house look occupied.  We can all look out for each other to help prevent this type of intrusions in the future.  Be safe.  Stay warm.  See you next year.

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