High Ground Park Trails

After the last LHHA meeting, a couple of new neighbors asked me for recommendations of walking trails nearby. There are many in South Knoxville but my current favorite is High Ground Park, a truly beautiful set of trails on historic grounds just off Cherokee Trail right next to the immense baby blue water tower. Can’t miss it from the road because its stonework is exceptional. Lots of parking. Particularly good for families with children and older people. Very nice interpretive signs. And, to top it all off, comfortable seating and spectacular views at the summit of the trails as nearly all of the leaves come down. See http://www.outdoorknoxville.com/places/parks/south/high-ground-park.

Across the street from High Ground is a rougher Wilderness Area that is also worthwhile exploring if you’re more of a hiker.

Theresa Pepin

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