IC King Trail Work Day February 9

Hi everyone

The next trail work day for IC king is this Sunday February 9 at 9 am. There’s still lots to do from the north side and possibly on the recently re-opened south entrance. We’ll gather at the north parking lot and split up from there. There will be more Brush clearing, shoring up wet spots, and fun stuff like adding boardwalks. Bring gloves and water and we’ll find a tool for you. If you have loppers, chain saws, brush clearing tools, etc – even better!
It’s been really exciting to see the park get some more attention and to see more hikers and bikers than cruisers. Although we’re facing a temporary disruption when Kub runs a gas line across the park, we’ve been assured that the end result will be even better, and the latest discussions have focused on adjusting the line to a less disruptive option.
This should be such an asset to the area in the coming years – eventually connected to the knox-blount greenway and to other park and trail sites. Come on out and see for yourself!

India Lane (for the Appalachian mountain bike club)
Raines Ln

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