Intruders On Timberlake

From: Wendy Subject: Suspicious vehicle Message Body: There is an active situation in the neighborhood on Timberlake. A silver Impala with 4 men in the car are currently going door to door spreading Gods word and an event to take place at Thompson Bowling Arena in July. Please be cautious. In the past, these situations are cover-ups for scoping out our homes. As a reminder, keep your doors locked, including your vehicles, and try to keep expensive items such as lawn equipment and computers out of plain sight. Do not answer your door if you are not expecting company and call 911. These people tend to pose as normal, trustworthy people to gain your trust. Do not let anyone in your home unless you know them personally. Be skeptical! I have reported the suspicious vehicle to the police, along with descriptions and tag numbers. Many of you whom I called, were not home at the time if the incident. Please check your belongings and notify police if you find something missing. The incident occurred around 10:20 a.m. Be safe everyone! Wendy Warren, President Timberlake Community Club — This e-mail was sent from the public contact form on Lakemoor Hills (

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