LHHA Membership Meeting – Nov. 14, 7 PM

Please join us at the Lake Hills Church on Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 7 PM to hear the latest about what is happening in our neighborhood.  Our guest speaker is Captain Huff, of Knox County Sheriff’s Department who will bring information about a new security program S.E.E. is being adopted by Knox County.  He will explain how individual homeowners can partner with the Sheriff’s Department to help stop crime.  In addition to this we will hear from the Circle Lake Legacy Park team who will discuss progress on that project.  Natalie Landry, Knox County Stormwater, and Andrea Ludwig, faculty member with UT BioSystems Engineering and Soil Science, will be explaining how we can participate as a community in the planting of the Circle Lake rain garden.

Other highlights will include some exciting Holiday Celebration plans for the neighborhood.

Please join us for this last LHHA meeting of 2017.  Bring a neighbor too!

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