Lost/stray cat found

We have had a lost or stray cat hanging around our yard (mostly under our bird feeder) for the last 5 days or so on Tall Pine Lane.   She is a small, very young calico colored short hair cat.   She is very friendly and used to being around people and houses, which make us suspect she is just lost.   I have attached a few pictures.  We have been providing her some food and shelter the last few cold nights, but if this is your cat or you know who it may belong to, please contact us so we can get you reunited.   Our phone is 247-4891.


Scott Engel


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  1. Barbara Houchin

    Daphne Norwood sent a reply:

    It is not our cat but we have been recently looking for a calico cat to adopt.

    Daphne Norwood 384-7499
    3821 Maloney Road

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