MPC wireless communication facilities plan

While researching the issue of the cell tower in our neighborhood,  I found the Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission web site for wireless communication facilities plan.   The link is below.   Specifically look at Exhibit 6 pointing out that cell towers in residential areas are to be avoided.  If the MPC would follow their own guidelines, then the tower would not be allowed.

David Wiles, Lakemoor Dr.

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  1. Kathy Proctor

    This is excellent information. It shows a) how the tower companies are to avoid residential areas; b) a .25 mile restrictions on historic designations (Speedwell), public parks (Sequoyah Hills), vistas (Lakemoor Hills), etc., c) how they are to hold a public meeting and what they are to cover in that meeting – which they did; d) encouragement to co-locate with other obtrusive structures such as blue water towers, flagpoles, tall signs, etc; e) how MPC does not want a protracted and unhappy discussion at their meeting; and f) how the cell tower company should create a team with the local residents to resolve the issues before they come to MPC. David is right, MPC should follow their own guidelines in this issue.

    • Marta Vandergriff

      Thank you David for the research and Kathy for taking the time to review and break the information down into simple terms. The more we are educated on the issue and the better informed we become as a neighborhood, keeps both the issue and the fighting spirit alive in those who oppose the tower. It is critically important to know our rights and voice them at this time. Every effort counts in fighting Goliath but it will be the precise hitting of the target that will bring the giant down. For those who know and trust God Almighty, let us remember that in time of injustice it is also of ultimate importance to take our need to God in prayer. He will hear our request, direct out efforts, grant our petition and ordain the outcome, if we ask Him.

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