Nancy Jones has posed a question about mulch.  To my knowledge, there is no group rate for mulch but I’m sure Nancy (and maybe others) would appreciate any suggestions.

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Is there a nursery that works with the Homeowners Associaton to provide a group rate for mulch? If not, where does the best place seem to be to purchase large amounts of mulch? We are starting to get our yard ‘beautified”!
Thank you,
Nancy J

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  1. Ron ( Gator) Garlin

    Natures Best is the best place to buy large amounts of mulch .Use to be a place called Shamrocks up on Aon ave but they closed. Natures Best is going to open a new place near where Shamrocks was which is ten minutes from here. Their place now is up on Rutledge Pike It’s a place where you take brush and trees that you cut down. They got a big machine that turns everything into mulch 546-0584 is their # They usually fill my small trailer for $ 25.00 That’s quite a bit of mulch

    • Dana Hughes

      my name is Jason Blasdell and I live in the neighborhood on Maloney rd. Im writing from Dana Hughes because we saw your post about the mulch. Im a landscaper and do a lot of mulching. I have a large 12×6 trailer i use for hauling mulch. I can also spread it for you. I recomend going to Natures best Organics as they have the best quality and price. I’ve done a lot of landscaping on Circle Lake Ln as well as tree work. I can provide references. I am very sad about Shamrock going out of business as I was a customer for 12 years. If I can be of service to you please let me know. Thanks.
      Jason Blasdell

    • Andrea Wirth

      We also like the mulch at Nature’s Best Organics. We need 1-2 loads of mulch delivered and spread. Perhaps if all those interested posted what mulching services they need, we could get a better idea of our negotiating strength.

  2. Ted Smith

    I have used two soil/mulch companies. I do not know of “group rate for mulch”; but if enough people were committed, they might negotiate lower rates.

    I have been most satisfied with Nature’s Best Organics (865- 927-7646,
    Magic Mix Topsoil is great and various Compost types and grinds.
    Two locations (West Knoxville-Solway and East Knoxville-Rutledge Pike).
    If you’re looking for delivery, they have at least two size trucks; the larger dump truck has trouble in our driveway because of overhanging lines, so we opt for the smaller truck and potentially more loads.

    I have also used Hines Fine Soils (865-689-3413, but I found their topsoil to have too many rocks. Compost was okay.
    They deliver, or closest location is on Maryville Pike across from PSC Metals.

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