4 Replies to “Neighborhood Break-In”

  1. Kathy Proctor

    What I have observed in the past, is that the police come and download the video and review the portion that happened during the time of the incident. Since this house was located between the 2 cameras, it is very likely that the car will be able to be identified.

    • Laura Ward

      Can you share more info on the break in? What part of Maloney Road? On the peninsula or along the main road? What time of day did it occur? Were the homeowners away for the day or were they out of town? Just curious if the burglars had been “casing” the neighborhood looking for any patterns.

  2. Veda Bateman

    There is no camera on Ginn Road, the road from Alcoa Hwy ending at Maloney Road Park; our two cameras are useless unless Maloney Road camera is properly placed on North side of Ginn on Maloney Road. Of course, the other loose end is the river.

  3. Hansjoerg Goeritz

    I wonder what importance or purpose the neighborhood camera surveillance at both entrances is supposed to have in such matters.

    Hansjoerg Goeritz

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