Raccoon Invasion

Hello everyone,

We wanted to let you know what we have been dealing with over here on Tall Pine. Over the course of several nights, we had years worth of landscaping efforts destroyed that amounts to thousands of dollars wasted.  We installed motion activated lights over the weekend, and were shocked and dismayed when they revealed no less than 10 marauding raccoons (probably more) digging through mulch, trenching along hardscape, and pulling out plants from midnight until 5 am.  Basically, in a few nights, the raccoons have decimated 100s of square feet of land. After realizing the severity of the problem, we are forced to spend more money to hire wildlife professionals in an attempt to trap and relocate the raccoons before we even think about repairing the damage.  We spoke to some of our neighbors about the problem, and it has come to our attention that some individuals in our neighborhood are intentionally feeding raccoons!!!  Yes, they can be cute, but they can be very destructive, both to soft and hard landscaping.  More importantly, these are wild animals and should be treated as such.  They are a primary vector of rabies and other diseases that can be transmitted to both humans and pets. The pack that invaded our yard showed little fear of our lights or attempts by us to scare them away.  Please, if you are luring and feeding raccoons, or know a neighbor who is, we strongly recommend that this practice be stopped before our problem extends beyond our yard to yours.


Scott and Annette Engel

Tall Pine Ln.

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  1. Randy Kerns

    Mr. & Mrs. Engel sorry to hear about the destruction you are experiencing and thank you for taking action. Our property backs up to Tall Pine and we too have encountered these rascals. We have worked hard in our yard to create a habitat for birds however we stopped feeding in May. It is very frustrating. I have had a wildlife specialist remove a handful of them too. Not sure what the long-term community-wide solution would be. I am going to kick this around and see if we can come up with something.
    Randy Kerns
    Lakemoor Drive

  2. Mark Hill

    The raccoon problem reminds me that, while we love the somewhat untamed aspects of living in Lakemoor Hills, things can get to be a bit much. The raccoons are not unlike the kudzu taking over the rental property that abuts us on Montlake drive. It is a slower moving menace, but the results are much the same. This summer it has appeared within 30 feet of my property line. The owner of the property, a neighborhood resident, refuses to combat the kudzu but kindly gave me permission to address it at my expense, which I will do. I guess we just have to push back on the wilderness, at least a little!

  3. Kathy Proctor

    My dog pointed out the raccoons in our water feature to us about 9 PM last night. I only saw 2 at the time. But I have seen as many as 5 in a group over here on Lakemoor. They are digging in potted plants and scavenging bird seed on the ground. I herded the dog back inside in case they do carry rabies. They are pests and we are all for removing them from the neighborhood.

  4. Marianne Oliveira

    I happen to know that about 20 were relocated a year ago. We don’t have as many this year on Craghead, but they do rob our bird feeders for seeds, despite the fact that the feeders are supposed to be critter proof and hang out over the woods off our deck that is -bout 40 feet off the ground. The raccoons this year in our area are fearful of us, although some years they have been very bold-not this year. Anybody with a bird feeder is feeding them unwittingly. Sorry about your landscaping. I hope the wildlife specialists take them where they can live safely without so many humans around. It’s a sad problem.

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