Request for GoFundMe for baby Anderson

Many of you may have just received a request to participate in a fundraising campaign through gofundme on the behalf of baby Anderson.  We are investigating if this is a credible request that is somehow associated with one of our members.  Currently the LHHA does not have any information about a child related to a member of our organization that is in this critical need.

Our website may have been hacked giving this group access to our list serve.

If any of you have information about this please contact me.

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  1. Lakemoor Hills

    Kathy thank you for responding to this with urgency.
    This email was an attempt at ‘phishing’.

    Please know that the site was NOT hacked. The site continues to be secure and up to date. However the email sent was sent using the same email we use to broadcast messages to our members. The content of the email is suspect. Do not click on the links in the email. It is NOT a legitimate Go Fund Me campaign. If the email client you use; Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, AOL, allows you to report phishing please do so.

    Thank you,
    Your friendly neighborhood web-guy – David Couch

  2. Kathy Proctor Post author

    We didn’t get “hacked” but David tells me we were “phished”, which lets us know that this was a scam. Beware – a REAL GoFundMe request will NEVER go through PayPal. They have their own bank internally.
    If you did make a donation, you can contact PAYPAL, copy this email identifying the scam, and PAYPAL will resolve.

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