Road Closure on Montlake

As of ~5am this morning there is a tree down over the road and power lines on Montlake between Lakemoor and Timberlake Drives. Crews were present and working on it when I drove past at 9:30am. My power is now out on Bluff Point Drive – I’ll presume it’s related.

I have started a forum discussion (link below) if you would like to add to the conversation:

Montlake Closure

Thank you Mike Parker and C.L. Overman for your vigilance.

Montlake Closure at Timberlake

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  1. Ron ( Gator) Garlin

    We all have our power back so unless we drove down Montlake today and saw the tree broken and KUB restoring service we would really have no way of informing people what happened until power was restored and they can read the post on the website .To all the people in the work group if you come upon a situation like this, don’t ever get out and investigate or try to open the road by cutting a tree away when power is involved With all the rain and wet conditions that water can become a conductor of electricity and a down wire laying in water could cause severe electric shock just by standing in the water .Proper foot wear like rubber boots must be worn in these situations Just make the call to the proper people .At the next meeting I will bring a device that most utility workers use to detect foreign voltage on objects.It could save a life

  2. David Couch Post author

    An update from C.L. Overman:
    We have a line down on Bluff Point Drive. And the closure on Montlake is due to the downed tree taking out two utility poles.

    C.L. Also said that if your power is back up your good. If not, it will be a while, until new posts are installed.

    Keep posted for updates

    • Dawn Thomas

      The single, very tall pine tree directly across Montlake from my backyard snapped in the high winds. It was down on the power lines and blocking Montlake. I lost power about 5:30 am. KUB had the road clear around 9:30 am. My power is still out. KUB stated power restoration is estimated for approximately 2:30 pm. They are setting 3-4 new poles.

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