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It was mentioned at last nights HOA meeting that the new Alcoa Hwy info had been added, I have been unable to find that info yet. If you look under all of the headings and subjects there isn’t much info to find. What exactly did we paid for when the new website was built? There isn’t much for us or people that might be wanting to learn about our neighborhood.

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  1. Paul Howard Post author

    I did get the e-mail with the info and pdf, thank you. For whatever reason when I went to the Highway section tonight, all the posted info is now showing. Won’t ask how, just accept it. Thanks for all your work on and for the website.

  2. Linda Haynes

    Personally, I did not have any problems finding the information. Thank you, Ashley for volunteering for this committee. So nice of you since you are a new homeowner! The website is a great way for news to get out to all of our members – not just the ones that are able to attend our bi-monthly meetings.

    Paul, are you computer savvy? Perhaps you would like to serve on the committee for the website. It is not a paid position but you will be the first to know all of the new information for our neighborhood!

    Sorry, I have no computer skills. I did try some suggestions that Ashley gave me, but they were unsuccessful. She ended up emailing me the info, for which I’d like to thank her. For some reason my set-up won’t let me view some info on the website.

  3. Ashley Maynor

    Hi Paul,

    Actually, the information about the Alcoa Safety Spot has been added on this page:

    If you look on that page, there is a January update, which also includes a link to a PDF of the email update and a drawing from TDOT.

    There is no paid manager for the website–I have just assumed maintenance of it as a volunteer. I believe there was money paid for the initial start-up and the hosting costs of the site.

    I will be adding new content to the site as it is sent to me from other board members and volunteers.

    Ashley M.

    • Paul Howard Post author

      Thanks Ashley,
      All I get when I go to that page is the Error Message below
      “Oops! That page can’t be found.
      It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?”

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