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  1. Eric Zeanah

    Our beagles often corner Black King Snakes or Grey Rat Snakes on our property.They are blackish with a diamond pattern on their backs but a pretty small head. I spoke to Jim Prose who’s family lived on the property for 60 years and they never saw a copper head or anything poisonous. If I could post an image of the last snake we caught with the dogs help I would as it was about 4′ long and harmless. I carried it to the backside of the house where the dogs don’t go. If you send me an e-mail address I would be pleased to forward.

    • Dawn Thomas

      I had a grey rat snake visitor last week. It came inside through the back door and was headed for the Collies water bowl. I inadvertently stepped on his tail and he coiled up and hissed displeasure. About 4′ long. I apologized for hurting his tail and gently encouraged him to go back outside and find more hospitable accommodations. I have several good photos for identification. PM me for photos.

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