Tennis Court Project Update

Great news! Our fund-raising campaign for our tennis courts refurbishment project has been a great success! We were able to raise $18,705, so we will not only be able to fund the original improvements, but we will also be able to straighten and paint the chain link fence surrounding the courts. The work will commence in August, and we plan to have a “ribbon-cutting” celebration at 5:00 on August 28. Please plan to join us for this joyous celebration.

The success of this campaign comes down to the support and generosity of so many of you in our community. First of all, we appreciate so much that Lake Hills Presbyterian Church is funding 25% of the total cost of the project. Also the Lakemoor Hills Homeowner’s Association and the Lake Hills Tennis League each donated $1,000 to this endeavor. We also want to thank our 44 individual contributors who donated $16,700 to the project. A list of these contributors is attached and will be posted at our “ribbon-cutting” on August 28 and at our homeowner’s meeting on September 13. Due to church policy, a plaque will not be located at the courts.

A fund-raising campaign of this magnitude took a lot of teamwork, and we can thank Jim de Ropp, Penny Mitchell and Stuart Worden for all the time and effort they put into this successful drive. We also appreciate the help of committee members Flo Curtis, Sue Humble, Cindy McLaughlin, and Kathy Unger. A big thanks also goes to Alex and Pat Shivers who shared their lovely home, Speedwell Manor, for our fund-raising reception. Penny Mitchell did a great job organizing and handling the details of this event.

Our fund-raising campaign would not have gone so smoothly if it had not been for the assistance of the Lakemoor Hills Resource Council. President Charlie Mulligan kept everything on track, Sue Humble made numerous trips to the P. O. Box, and Treasurer Bill Stoess did a masterful job of documenting and acknowledging the tax-deductible contributions with a hand-written note. Arnold Cohen handled all legal issues and Richard Gillespie is project administrator.

In closing, this community project would not be possible without the support and commitment of Lake Hills Church, our homeowner’s association, the tennis league and so many concerned and giving individuals. We can all be very proud that our courts will continue to be a safe and attractive asset for our community. We thank every one of you for making this project a reality.

With much appreciation,

Diane de Ropp

Tennis Court Refurbishment Project Chairperson


Contributors to Lake Hills Presbyterian Church Tennis Courts Refurbishment Project

Fund-Raising Campaign, May – July 2016


Platinum Level – Elaine and Eric Zeanah

Gold Level – Jim and Diane de Ropp

Silver Level – Betty Allen, Flo and Bill Curtis, John Moyer, Stuart Worden

Lakemoor Hills Homeowner’s Association

Lake Hills Tennis League

Bronze Level – Carolyn and Dwight Christian Buz and Tanya Copeland

John and Linda Haynes Mark and Cathy Hill,

Sue and Randy Humble Penny and Buddy Mitchell,

Karen and Harvey White Rita Powers

Steve and Anne Marie Rasmussen Tim and Kathleen Zitzman

Other Generous Contributors:

Belford Mills

Alice Farkas

Bill Stoess and Mary Cartwright

Charlie and Geri Mulligan

Gaye Bridges

Jewel and Thomas Davis

Don and Lynn Kleinfelter

Clay and Nicole Aalders

John and Margo Simmons

Thomas and Karen Mercurio

Jill and Gary Stalwalt

Tim and Cindy McLaughlin

Mary Jane Bowman

Bob and Kathy Proctor

Rob and Kathy Unger

Ted Smith and David Butler

Arnold and Susan Cohen

Jim and Barbara Kincaid

John and Ruth Coleman

Laura Hutson

Gordon Burghardt

Sarah Petty

Reggie and Katie High

David and Sharon Gerkin

Randy Kerns & Leslie Schuller

Thanks again for your generosity and support!

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