treed kitten,

yesterday a dog treed a kitten up a tree in my yard hes been up there all night and Im looking for anyone who has a 24′ ext ladder and would want to help me get him out.  my phone no is 6195040657, jim riddle.  its friday morning soif you can help please call or come by at 2008 west velmetta circle.

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  1. Rachel Fletcher

    I have a 28′ ladder, but no way to transport it. If anyone can transport it please call or text me at 865-566-7977. If you call, please leave a message as all calls are screened. I’m at the corner of Raines and Maloney.

    • James Riddle Post author

      any help would be appreiciated I have a ladder but i need help getting it set up and someone to hold it for me.
      fire dept, animal rescue, police will not help.

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