It is that time of the year again: Spring in Lakemoor Hills and time for the Dogwood Trail visitors! Many of you have already been at work, as you will see from the Neighborhood Cleanup Day Report below. Kathy Proctor organized and facilitated the cleanup with the assistance of 36 neighborhood volunteers. Many thanks to Kathy and all the volunteers!
Again this year, a selection committee will be driving through the peninsula, selecting 3 residences that typify a natural green or woodland setting. Signs honoring these homes will be placed during the weekend of April 8-10, with permission of the homeowner. This is never an easy task as there are so many choices that could be made!
Be sure to place brush out in front of your home, if you live on a Dogwood Trail street, before April 1st.
Many thanks!
Neighborhood Cleanup Day Report – March 19, 2016

Our annual Neighborhood Cleanup Day occurred March 19, 2016 from 9 AM to noon culminating with a pizza victory luncheon at Lake Hills Church picnic shelter.
This year 36 people participated in the cleanup on the day of the event and another 4 will continue the cleanup on the following days. We saw many familiar faces and some new participants.

Teams were dispatched to pick up trash on Maloney Rd., Maloney Park, and Montlake Rd. with a total of 27 bags collected. This year our TEAM GERKIN collected the trashbags and delivered them to the dump.

In addition to this a massive cleanup effort occurred at Circle Lake Park with bales of leaves and sticks removed. On Bluff Point a team spread 3 truckloads of mulch. At the end of Maloney Rd where the circle occurs, a team of 3 removed years of leaves and trash and uncovered a potential garden.

Some dogwood bows were made available and purchased.

Keep Knoxville Beautiful supplied trashbags, safety vests, gloves, Tshirts and pickers.

Cost to LHHA for the event was $116.30 for the food and beverages.

Kara Hudgens captured the event on camera and has the images posted on her website. We will transfer some to the LHHA website and the LHHA Facebook page.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this possible and help prepare Lakemoor Hills for the Dogwood Festival.


Kara Hudgens – photography
Suzan Bowman – food
Marta Vandergriff – Maloney Rd Circle
Linda Haynes – whatever
David & Kristen Bianconi – Circle Lake
Dani & Mike Rasmussen- Circle Lake
Fran & Fred Thomforde- Circle Lake
David & Sharon Gerkin truck to pick up trashbags, Lakemoor
Ann & Dick Graf – mulch / Bluff Point
Kathy Proctor – Montlake
Bob Proctor – Buff Point mulching
John Witherspoon – Maloney Rd Circle
Bill Stoess – Maloney
Mary Cartwright – Maloney
Marcia Finfer – Montlake & bows
Cyndi & Bruce Klass- Maloney
Rosemary & Gene – Maloney
Kathy Riddle – Montlake
David & Carl Couch – Circle Lake
Daphne Norwood & Bella & Nani Fishman – Maloney
Tom & Karen Mecurio – Bluff Point & Maloney Rd. Park
Clay & Emery Aalders – Bluff Point & Maloney Rd. Park
Diane DeRopp – Maloney Rd Circle
Rex Goins– Bluff Point mulching
Terry Kenner- Bluff Point mulching
Pat Shivers – Manor Dr.
Jim & Barbara Kincaid – Lynbrulee
Mark Hill – entry
Theresa Pepin- Wagon, Carriage & Buckboard

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