Alcoa Hwy construction zone–patrol needed; restore sign

After reading of the dangerous close-call at the Montlake Drive intersection involving an obviously speeding car, I posted the following to the general LHAA listserv. Perhaps it can be addressed at this evening’s meeting.
We neighbors need to make a couple of inquiring phone calls:
–First: to ask TDOT to restore the flashing sign for SOUTHBOUND drivers: “SPEED LIMIT 40 — STRICTLY ENFORCED BY RADAR.” Northbound drivers still see that flashing sign just before Maloney Road, but the southbound sign (just past the Naval Station) disappeared a while back.
–Second, to petition KPD to regularly patrol the work zone and cite drivers going obviously faster than 40mph.

During the first weeks of construction enforcement was good, and most drivers stayed fairly close to 40. Now–with the most obvious speed-limit-sign taken away, and lax enforcement–most drivers feel free to ignore the 40mph limit.

The more of us call, the more likely positive results.
Charles Craven
3605 Montlake Drive

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  1. Mark Hill

    Good idea Charles. I have made numerous calls to KPD about the lack of enforcement on the Highway but have given up because the response was always that it was not possible, given the density of the traffic, the excessive speed, short sight lines, etc. Perhaps it would be more effective to address this through LHHA in the form of a petition.

    Mark Hill
    3600 Montlake Drive

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