Alcoa Hwy Landscape Project

Alcoa Hwy TriFold FINAL
I wanted to update anyone who was not at the LHHA meeting last night about the status of the Alcoa Landscape Project.  The steering committee is now named the Alcoa Hwy Beautification Council.  We are ready to print a promotional brochure (see image) about the project that will raise public awareness.  It folds into 3 parts.  We are seeking businesses, associations, and clubs who believe in the project to add their names to the list of project sponsors.  If you have a group in mind, please send me those names quickly so I can add to our brochure – the more the merrier!  We have scheduled a meeting with mayors and transportation officials on Nov. 28 where we will present the project and its required funding.  If you have connections that can help us raise public awareness, now is the time to make those introductions.  58,000 vehicles will experience this portion of Alcoa Hwy every day, so our efforts go way beyond Lakemoor Hills.  Please share this information and let’s get the Alcoa Hwy Landscape project to become a reality in 2020.

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  1. Paul Howard

    I’m not sure which possible supports that have been contacted. Possibilities that come to mind are: Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, Sevier Heights Baptist Church, Pilot if they reopen their store, Vol Vet Hospital, Star Powersports, Alcoa Hwy Liquors, all the gyms, etc. Heck ask UT, we are the gateway to the college, city & county.

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