Thank you

Our house on Blow Dr closed on Tuesday.   We want to thank all of you in Lakemoor Hills for 11 wonderful years in a very special neighborhood.   We will miss you all.  If you are near Shannondale in Maryville, please stop in at610 Shannondale Way.  We would love to see you.

Please give a big welcome to your new neighbors, Virginia and Gene Derryberry and their son, Graham, who will bring something special to LHHA as well.


Geri and Charlie


Sip and Snoop

thank you so much for all the work and excitement you put into this event.  It really was fabulous.   To Mary, Bill and Laura and Cindy.   Jackson and whoever else helped cook the delicious food.

to all who opened their beautiful homes…to the registrars, the deck hands, the greeters, and the neighbors who participated


Geri and Charlie

Calling all Artists and Craftspersons

The Lakemoor Hills Picnic this Saturday will feature an exhibit of fine arts and crafts.   The exhibit is open to all artists and craftspersons in our area.   The Monday art group will be exhibiting but we know there are so many more creative people in our neighborhood.  You can exhibit one piece or many!  No limit.   You can put a price tag on it to sell or not.   But let’s share the talents the make our neighborhood so rich.   If you would like to exhibit please contact Geri Mulligan so we can save a space.  We will be setting up at 3:00 on Saturday so stop by and place your work.   See you Saturday.

Free Floating Yellow Kayak

good morning…this morning Laura Hutson who lives across from the church saw a free floating yellow kayak out on the river.   She feels by now it might be by Maxie’s.   She didn’t have a boat to retrieve it but wants the owner to know so you can get it .

Art Group is meeting

On Monday evening, January 8th, the Lakemoor Hills art group will resume for 2018.   Everyone is invited to join us.  Bring whatever art materials or craft materials you are working with and come join the group.    Each person works on their pieces in your media of choice.   We meet from 4 – 6 PM at Lake Hills Presbyterian Church.   Come in the side door and we will be there to welcome you.   All levels of talent are welcome.    Come and join us.



LHHA Art group

Did you know that Lakemoor Hills has an art group which meets every Monday from 4:00 – 6:00 PM at the Lake Hills Presbyterian Church.   Our founder, Kenneth Pace, recently died but we all want to continue the group in his honor.   And you are invited!  It is a casual group open to anyone who would like to create art or work on crafts during the time.   Everyone works in their particular technique including watercolor, drawing, acrylics, pottery and stained glass.   Folks have also worked on bead jewelry, needlepoint and crocheting.  Whatever is your interest is welcome.   So pick up those projects that have been on hold and come on down to the church tomorrow afternoon.   You will find a welcoming group and a creative force.


Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee of LHHA is “welcoming” new members to help visit the newest members to our neighborhood. It’s easy, it’s fun and you are the perfect one to do it! So please come to our meeting this Thursday, February 2nd at 7:00 PM in the Courtyard Room at the church. We would love to have you. Spring is a time that many people move in so we will be happy to have a few more visitors. If you would like to do this, please join us.


Good morning,

Charlie had surgery yesterday on his foot.  We thought we could get by with a walker and crutches.  Now, after the surgery, we realize we really need a wheelchair.  Does anyone have one we could use for about two months, starting today?  We would appreciate it so much.