Door-to-door solicitors

I have heard that there are door-to-door sales people working our neighborhood. No criminal or intimidating conduct has been reported, but please be cautious about to whom you open your doors. One neighbor called the sheriffs office but got little positive response.

Forrest Orr

2025 W. Velmetta Cr.


Need a house cleaning person

We are looking for a person to clean our house on a weekly basis. Really don’t want to deal with a total stranger. We would cherish a referral from our neighbors. Call or text 679-1970 or email

Thanks, Forrest Orr

2025 W. Velmetta Circle

Thanks to All!

I want to sincerely thank all who posted signs, made phone calls, fretted and fumed in an effort to prevent a scar on this beautiful neighborhood we call home. Let us never take for granted what we have on the “quiet side of the river”. This effort should inspire all of us to commit to be vigilant for anything that would negatively impact our niche of the world. And may we wish a similar result for our friends in Fountain City and Bluegrass.

Forrest Orr


More anti-cell tower signs have arrived. This batch is being paid for by LHHA, so if you feel moved to help with the cost, make checks to LHHA. I will remain as the distributor, so contact me at or 679-1970 if you want a sign. I will bring them to you or you may pick them up at my house (2025 W. Velmetta Circle)’

Thanks to all who have placed signs and helped make all our neighbors aware of this dilemma

Forrest Orr



I will have a limited quantity of anti-tower yard signs by mid-week (June 10). If anyone would like to have one to display on your property to voice your opposition to the proposed cell phone tower on the corner of Ferry and Blow, contact me at 679-1970 or A nominal contribution ($10.00 or less) to defray the cost of the signs would be appreciated.


As a longtime resident of Lakemoor Hills, I write as one who will be directly affected by the proposed cell tower. My home at 2025 W. Velmetta Circle will be within approximately 500 feet of the tower if built.

The presentation by Ms. Mary Miller at the LHHA meeting on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 will not be rehashed given the excellent synopsis posted by Jim Grey. But I feel compelled to respond to some of her assertions and/or implications.

I am a Tennessee certified residential real estate appraiser (CR-441) and a real estate broker with Dean Smith Realty (00213092). I have been involved in real estate for over 30 years.

Ms. Miller’s assertion that a tower has no effect on value for surrounding properties is without foundation.

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Safety and Security

Perhaps the greatest safety concern for all of us in the last ten days has been getting  out of our driveways! But take heart – this too shall pass.

Aside from the snow and ice, a check of the Knox County Sheriff crime map shows no reported incidents for our neighborhood so far this year. A national site ( allows you to type in any address anywhere in the USA but is not nearly as current as the Knox County Sheriff site.

I have heard of a couple of incidents by word of mouth. If you are a crime victim, please file a report with the Knox County Sheriff. You can reach them at 865-215-2432.

Thanks to those who have posted on this site about suspicious activity. Our eyes are probably the best deterrent to crime on “the quiet side of the river”


Forrest Orr