Invitation to Mountain Mile in Pigeon Forge tonight

Two of our neighbors on the peninsula, one on the north side and one on the south, are developers of The Mountain Mile having its premier this weekend.  They invite all Lakemoor neighbors to visit a special event tonight on The Lawn. They will have a band, food trucks, vendors and The Mountain Monster will be open. It’s an incredible three-in-one thrill ride from 200 ft towers. You may have read about it in today’s News Sentinel or seen it on TV yesterday. Event is from 5 til 10 tonight. There’s no admission charge tonight.

Need your buckets or gator tree bags

We planted 33 new trees in circle lake park (LLP&GACL). The trees will need frequent water for the next 2 years. If you have tree bags we can borrow or if you can give us 5 gallon buckets we can convert for watering it would be a great help. Please bring the to the picnic on Saturday. Just put them into the old red Jeep truck in the church parking lot.

Beautiful Lakemoor glasses for sale

Unique stemless wine glasses used for Sip & Snoop are for sale on a first come basis.  Also perfect for bourbon, scotch or Yoo Hoo. They are only $35.00 a dozen or $5.00 each if you want fewer than twelve. 100% of the money will go to beautify Alcoa Highway, so you’re helping the community, showing you’re pride in Lakemoor, and getting great glasses to boot.

Checks to Lakemoor Hills Homeowners Assn.  • 4000 Maloney Road  • Orders or question call Mary • 579-5617 •

Thanks for all your support!


Passports are ready for Sip & Snoop this Sunday… drivers beware

If you bought tickets… Your passport will be issued at the church between 1:30 and 2:00 on Sunday, Oct. 7.  If you were not able to purchase tickets please be aware that a 100 of your “snoopie” neighbors will be walking and driving on our roads between 2:00 and 5:00 so please be extra careful driving.

Monies will go to make Alcoa Highway beautiful when the road is finished about a year from now. All neighbors will benefit, even if you’re not snooping today.  Please support and thank our generous sponsors: Ashe’s Wine & Spirits, Bacon & Company, the Tomato Head, and Volunteer Landing.

It is going to be a great day…pray for clear skies!

Lakemoor Loves Ashe’s Wine and Spirits

Ashe’s is donating the Sip & Snoop wines again this year.  Please keep them in mind for your tailgating supplies.

Thanks to those who have made S&S reservations.  On October 7, plan to go by Lake Hills Church and pick up your guide at about 1:30.  Our FaB Five will be ready to welcome you beginning at 2:00.

Shake a leg if you haven’t purchased tickets yet.  Less than 20 remain.  Complete the registration form and return it with your payment.

Drive, Walk, Run, Write a Check

You have two great opportunities to beautify your neighborhood.
FIRST:  Circle Lake is getting its stones this week.  Go by your new park, then write a check to Lakemoor Hills Resource Council and mail it to Lakemoor Hills Resource Council • PO BOX 10435 • Knoxville 37939.
SECOND: Buy those Sip and Snoop tickets.  On October 7, you’ll enjoy mingling with your neighbors while touring five extraordinary homes.  Only 30 tickets remain.  Contact
BUY TWO BEAUTIES WITH ONE STOP:  You can make a donation for our park and make sip and snoop donations at 4000 Maloney.  Call 579-5617.

Thank you Stewart Asbury!

Today Mr. Asbury made a huge contribution to the Lakemoor Legacy Park and Garden when he dug out the three large areas where stone seat walls will be built. Stewart’s donation of equipment, time and expertise makes the dollars you contribute do even more. Help today by sending your check to Lakemoor Hills Resource Council. PO Box 10435 Knoxville 37939.

Circle Lake Park…can you dig it? Backhoe help?

This could be you!

We’re ready to begin the next phase of construction by building three stone walls as seating/resting spots and add character to the park. To begin construction we need to excavate/level the three areas where the walls will be built. Perhaps there is a neighbor with access to a small backhoe or excavator who would volunteer their equipment and a couple hours to help the project along. A donation of excavation would be a big help to the project.  If you could help… call Fran 621-2418 or Bill 579-5617.