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  1. Barbara Houchin

    Hope this helps. The following is what the home owner (Kendel Wolfe Levy) posted on the Lakemoor Facebook group page about this issue:

    Hello Neighbors! Just to put any worries at ease we put lake coloring that is environmentally friendly for my daughters birthday party tomorrow. This is similar to coloring of the rivers in Chicago. Our water can look very brown and we were trying to give it a slightly bluer ton but didn’t realize how blue it actually was. We actually used very little of it as well but it takes usually two days to fully mix. This water coloring is Perfectly safe for animals, plant life and people! My toddlers will be swimming in it and the last thing we would ever want to do is bring any harm to people or marine life! Again, We are so very for any anxiety this has caused as we were not aware of how blue it would actually become! We have also talked in person to various environmental agencies that have visited our house today and also assured them this is a completely safe water coloring and put any concerns to rest. Again we are so very sorry for any confusion and worries this may have caused as we didnt realize the startling effect it would have on the color of the water or our neighbors!!
    Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Big thank you to anyone who ha served or is serving our country.
    God bless!
    Levy family


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