Brush and Wood Removal Project Completed with many Thanks

As you drive through the neighborhood, please appreciate the hard work of the Knox County Inmate Services, their fine deputy, Mike Dowell and the many volunteers who helped make it happen. Between July 29-31, multiple sites of chainsawed  logs and removal of huge brush piles were completed by 9-10 inmates and their deputy. The County Inmate Services provided truck, trailer, fuel, equipment, water and this team of hard-working individuals. They worked from 8:30 each morning, stopping only for lunch, finishing around 4:15 on Friday.

Many Thanks go to:

Mr. Ivan Harmon, who made it possible to schedule this service for our neighborhood.

Deputy Mike Dowell, who worked side by side with the inmates or “his boys”, not asking them to work any more than he did himself.

Randy Kerns, Chair of the Project and Jim Gray, Associate Chair, who secured the services, mapped out the many sites and roads for work, secured an off-site location for proper disposal of debris and followed the project through to completion.

Cindy Klassen, Ann Graf, Geri Mulligan, Linda Haynes and Sharon Gerkin, who contributed food, time and talents to each day’s lunch.

Dick Graf, Homeowner’s President, for meeting at lunch each day with the team of workers.

Lake Hills Presbyterian Church for allowing us to use their facilities during the time for lunch.

Now we are asking you to show your appreciation in two distinct ways:

First, we ask you to give a DONATION to the Homeowner’s Association to help defray the cost of this project. It would  cost thousands of dollars by a commercial company to have completed the same tasks. It benefits all the neighbors who live here since the natural beauty will be displayed rather than piles of debris.

Second, we are asking EVERYONE, please, do NOT cut brush or wood to pile on a vacant lot along our roads. The Beautification Committee is committed to keeping our roadways litter and brush-free, with everyone’s help.

Thank you,

Sharon W. Gerkin, Beautification Committee Chair



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