New and Improved Website Under Construction

The LHHA website has been a great tool for sharing information about neighborhood issues and events.  We are working to improve the site and adding some new capabilities.  To do this we are building a new site.

The current website will remain the same and we will migrate to the new one in late summer when it is ready to go live.
We are accumulating information about the history of our peninsula. Any old photos or stories would be appreciated.  We will provide spots to highlight clubs or organizations within the neighborhood also.
If you have suggestions or ideas to incorporate into the new site, please email to
Be on the lookout for my announcement to let you know the new website has gone live.

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  1. Linda Haynes

    I have a copy of the “A historical Sketch of Alcoa Highway, Maryville Pike Section of Knox County” written 1976 to celebrate the Bi-Centennial (Nancy Hansard was the chair of the committee.) A copy of an article printed in the Knoxville Voice “The River Secrets of Peter Blow: A Curious Murder Trail reveals Layers of Family Intrigue” Peter Blow owned the 400 acre farm located at the end of our peninsula. And, an article written by Sam Venable about the park on Circle Lake – this is from about 25 years ago. Let me know if you would like copies of these copies! Linda Haynes

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