Follow up from the LHHA meeting Tuesday evening

It was a large turn out Tuesday night to hear presentations from TWRA and Knox County Animal Control.  In fact both presenters told me they were amazed at our turn out and participation.

These were important subjects as we live with both wild and domestic animals in our neighborhood.  We learned interesting info about the wild animals that roam our properties and how to coexist with them.  We also learned about care for our pets, AC Ordinances and respect for our neighbors regarding our pets.

We will follow up with details on specific items in future post.  In the meantime the following is contact info and a link to the Knox County Sheriff’s Animal Control ordinances.  If you have issues please don’t hesitate to contact them.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency – 423-587-7037

Knox County Sheriff Animal Control – 865-215-2444

Link to Animal Control Ordinances:


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