From the Beautification Committee

The Beautification Committee will be meeting at my house, 2300 Lakemoor Drive, on Tuesday evening, February 24 at 7:00 p.m. Snacks and drinks provided.

Since “Beauty” is in the eye of the beholder, we will have an intense working meeting on what beautifying our neighborhood looks like, developing a strategic plan that can be implemented on an ongoing basis and secure volunteers to make it happen and keep it going. I know that all of us want to live in a natural environment with blooming flowers, trees, shrubs while maintaining a degree of neatness along our streets. We want a place of safety for ourselves and family as we walk, jog, and bike along our trails and avenues. We want to see the water, the lawns, the forests and the wonderful variety of homes free from litter and intrusive overgrowth. We want our property values to rise, for this beautiful peninsula to be a very desirable place to live and we want to create a welcoming environment for residents and guests.

If you have ideas, thoughts, a plan that addresses some of these opportunities to create a beautiful place to live, you are invited to the meeting or you can email me or call: 865-609-0002. All suggestions and advice are welcomed. We are on a journey and it takes all of us to make it happen! If you plan on attending our meeting, we will be respectful of your gift of time. Just let me know so an extra snack and drink can be on the table!

Let’s keep our neighborhood beautiful with our actions!

Thank you,

Sharon Gerkin


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