3 Replies to “Hummingbirds Have Returned”

  1. Julie Guenther

    We have a lone turkey here on Carriage Lane, mostly hanging around our driveway, looking for a mate??? This one does not seem to be the aggressive, attack-type as hang around in Massachusetts. Good. They were mean.

    As for hummingbirds, we have at least one drinking from our feeder. Time to set up the rest of them and enjoy 🙂

    • Marianne Oliveira

      We have a lone hen turkey that comes in the morning and evening to eat the cracked corn we bought for her. We’ve never seen her bring a male with her. Last year we had one who came with her brood a few times but not regularly like this gal.

  2. Mark Hill

    On the other end of the bird spectrum, the turkeys have returned to Montlake Drive. They will certainly not be interested in hummingbird feeders!

    Mark Hill

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