Ingram the Cat needs a new home

This most extraordinary cat was most recently found high in a tree on Velmetta Circle, She was on watch for North Korean aircraft and was prepared to issue an early warning to her new Lakemoor neighbors. This 5 month old female kitten already has a storied history with her previous family. As a young but fluent kitten she taught the family’s daughter so speak french. At only 2 months of age she averted a disaster for the family when, upon smelling smoke, alerted the family so that they could escape before they perished. Later while digging in the family’s backyard, as cats sometimes do, she discovered a large vein of gold and brought unimaginable riches to the family. The family now spends days traveling to their many homes around the world in their private jet but find traveling with a kitten inconvenient. Being a kind and appreciative family they searched high and low for the nicest neighborhood. They found Lakemoor Hills the perfect place to drop their most extraordinary cat.

If you would like to have this amazing kitten for your very own… call  579-5617 and ask for Ingram (if your french is not strong ask for Mary instead).  Ingram says she feels there is likely silver in this area.

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  1. Dawn Thomas

    Ingram update!

    Hello and a big THANK YOU to all who helped me to safety and a loving forever home. I’ve had a big nap this afternoon and awake now and purring and eating well. I have my own private office complete with toys, kitty catcus, bed and litter box. I’m so happy to be home here in Lakemoor Hills and I’m very happy. Purrs to everyone 🙂


  2. Dawn Thomas

    Great post! I’ve been considering adding another kitty to the happy family brood. We’re girl-heavy (poor Max!!), But he manages to survive all the X chromosomes running around here. Let us know if she still needs a place to call “Home” and we’ll give her a paw up!

    • Carol Ovitt Gray

      Ingram will most assuredly make him a cat lover. She has special powers! I would like to have her but Purr-C, also a Lakemoor Hills drop off we adopted a few years ago would not gracefully share his kingdom. Many thanks to Bill for creative posting.

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