LHHA Dues Payment can be Online Now

Our Communications team has developed the ability for you to pay your LHHA dues online now through our website.  It is similar to the renewal process that you go through when you renew your auto license plate.

Go to www.lakemoorhillshoa.org and log in with your user name and password.  Then select the tab across the top of the screen that says LHHA (to the left of RESOURCES).  That is a pull down menu.  Select HOA MEMBER DUES & RENEWAL at the bottom of the list.  There is information about the process, the address if you would just like to mail in your $25 check, or the ability to charge the renewal fee to a credit card.  (a small processing fee of $1.06 will be added).  Once your submit the information, you will immediately receive a receipt by email.

We hope this makes renewing your dues convenient and easy.

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